Sunday, April 13, 2014

Google: We did not steal the idea of ??Apple when developing Android -

Apple and Samsung continue to sue, alternately accusing each other of violating its patents. Involved in the trial and was an Internet company Google. This is reported by our Western colleagues from CNet.

According to the publication, within the last court hearing in the case against Apple Samsung gave their testimony vice president of Google Android Lokheymer Hiroshi (Hiroshi Lockheimer). According to him, Google has invented a key Android features long before they were implemented and patented by Apple. He believes that Android and iOS have nothing in common.

“We like to have their own identity and ideas. We were very passionate about what I do and it is important that we have our own ideas” – said Hiroshi Lokheymer.

He added that Android has “thousands of functions” that are designed to make the interaction with devices much simpler and easier. Moreover, many features have been developed in the period from 2005 to 2006, before the launch of the first Android-smartphone HTC, released in October 2008.

Hiroshi Lokheymer also said that when he joined the team of Google Android in 2006 it consisted of only 20-30 specialists. Now on Android has about 600-700 people.

recall, Apple accuses Samsung of violating several of its patents, including the function Slide to Unlock, as well as copying the design and technology of mobile devices. If the court finds the South Korean giant guilty, he will have to pay the U.S. company approximately $ 2.191 billion. This amount, as explained by economist and financial expert Vellturo Christopher (Christopher Vellturo), includes compensation for loss of profits in the amount of $ 1.067 billion and a “reasonable” royalties (royalties) of $ 1.124 billion.

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